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So, say, you’re finally there and you’re writing your bio, how do you know what to say?

I think I can safely say my bio is always changing depending on what mood I am in. My current Facebook photo is from 2005. It goes with the poem ‘Meditation on the A38’ but then so does the picture of empty beaches and the picture of Sir John Betjeman doing a little back bend at St Pancras Station.

Sir John Betjeman statue at St Pancras Station - it's upstairs by the nice bar

I finished my first novella, expos̩ (TEXTS, 1999, Assessment and Expanded Text Project, part funded by Hefce), while I was doing the New Deal at the Wordsworth Trust, so that talked about that Рand wanting to meet Jarvis Cocker.

In 2000 (Magpie, 2000, CCPA) my name is Becky in the front and Rebecca in the bio and I talk about a year of Wordsworth and telephone banking.

Now, 2021, I am looking at something that almost doesn’t seem factual. Did I really do that? Should I mention the (saxophone) recording in 2007? I definitely want to say that I supported Vanessa Kisuule in 2018 at Derby Poetry Festival. Everything else…

My latest poem is nothing like the Betjeman poem. It’s nothing like Sylvia Plath or Ted Hughes or Norman MacCaig or Maya Angelou. You can search for it on BBC Sounds – picture below.

Screen shot from Becky's phone of when she was on the radio.

But then, this poem isn’t in the chapbook, so I guess that doesn’t matter.

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