You can now pre-order my chapbook, un(in)formed, on the Bearded Badger Press website.

It’s finally here – and I’m not sure I ever thought it would be – but here’s the link to the orders for my chapbook, un(in)formed.

Please show some love to Paul Handley’s new press, Bearded Badger Publishing, and buy the sett – including Rory Aaron’s new collection, doglike, and the new novel by Drew Gummerson, Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel.

The cover of Becky’s chapbook with a verse of ‘Slab’, one of the poems in the collection.

Drew Gummerson’s book is out now. The two poetry chapbooks can be in your hands by 22 April 2021.

About beckydeans

I've always been a writer one way or the other.
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