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A newer poem

At some point I am going to have to start writing again properly, but it’s been a long time. Anyway, here’s another of my old ones from the past 13 years or so (c) Becky Deans After We lay on … Continue reading

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Because you should always write about what you know…

Anyway, enough of the men, and I’m just putting these poems on because they did the rounds another lifetime ago. I’m only sharing the ones that stick with me, mind. Here’s one about biscuits, a safer subject than men. Rich … Continue reading

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Photo Opportunity

Of course, one of the hundred and one things I shouldn’t say to a man or anyone is I wrote a poem about you, but it’s said now, so here goes. From 1994 (c) Becky Deans Photo Opportunity ¬† It … Continue reading

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All poems (c) Becky Deans. I wrote these when I was 19 and edited them just now. Trial If I lost my mind in a labyrinth Would you come to find me? If I tied my life in spiderwebs could … Continue reading

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She asked

She asked if she might sleep a while On the harsh slate floor And lay as cool as milk Thin as gauze We quietly watched, put some more logs on the fire. Her opalescent skin Took all the corners of … Continue reading

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Make Sure You Have One

¬†Hello world International copyright remains with the individual author, ie Becky Deans and any similarities to any people or organisations living or dead is just one of those bizarre coincidences! Enjoy! This is the only short story I wrote in … Continue reading

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