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How on earth have I avoided the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists for so long?

As a student of English literature in the ¬†1990s at the University of East Anglia, I thought I’d come across all the ‘classics’ I would ever want to or not want to read. But now I have come across the … Continue reading

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Resolutions, resolutions

So many years I have had the Writers’ and Artists’ Handbook poised at new year, thinking, say 2003, is going to be my year…. It wasn’t, though there’s a lot to look back on and edit. This year I am … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas or whatever you are celebrating

Just a big thank you to everyone who stopped in to have a read of my work this year. After having a little break from creative writing, and definitely from the weekly criticism sessions at university, it means so much … Continue reading

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Hoar Frost

It was an icy morning. Cold hung on everything You gave me tea and toast, but that was all When I stepped into the cold, you asked if I had a scraper Then hid round the back of the double-glazed … Continue reading

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The Taking – just found this in the book I use for workshops. #amwriting #amediting

The Taking We knew the soldiers were coming Hid in our beds, no one to protect us Goods on the shelf waiting to be stolen Before, that day, we had lessons Cursed algebra, embraced Shakespeare Explored China, played tag outside … Continue reading

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You crazy cats: inspired by Louis Wain, about the human condition. new edit. #amediting #amwriting

Here’s a poem that I wrote between my BA and my MA, but with a new edit. I had taken the¬†references to the miner’s strike out. I bought the print from an antiques shop on Derby Road, Heanor, when I … Continue reading

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Twelve weeks to stop the diggers

Originally posted on beckydeans:
Twelve weeks to stop the diggers We are but Common people. You can see the furrows in our brows. We only want to protect what is ours And has been ours for centuries. We only want…

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Remember… A poem about Dora written in Clay Cross #WW1 #LestWeForget

This was written in a workshop with Emma Pass at Clay Cross – our last session. It had been brewing for a while, though I’m not sure I yet have all my facts. ‘Remember’ was our warm-up word and we … Continue reading

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Chairman Simon Jenkins’ farewell speech at the Trust’s AGM

Having being involved in many battles to save out green lungs, I totally embrace what is said at the end of this speech. Well said that man. And I do feel you have done marvels with NT properties. My son … Continue reading

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Make Sure You Have One – a short story

I have blogged this before, but I have just noticed a glaring error on my introduction so I am blogging it again! International copyright remains with the individual author, ie Becky Deans and any similarities to any people or organisations … Continue reading

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