Fast People

My writing aim for this year has been simply to write, and it looks like I have done that. I have, recently, written oodles of bad poetry as well as workshop pieces. I even wrote a play when I was on holiday.
My writing aim for next year will be to build the writing group, maybe perform again. How I miss performing work I have just written. And I’d like to highlight an issue or two. But anyhoo, it’s nearly Christmas so have some poetry that still sticks in my mind (from 2003).

Fast People

We’re fast people – we’re
Too busy to stand
Behind people on escalators – we
Run up the stairs, burning bright.
We don’t go out at night.

When it rains – we just
Go out there and get wet.
We’ve got no time to wait. We
No longer understand the difference
Between early and late.

When the work’s not finished
We borrow time from sleep
And use caffeine or crack to plug the
Gaps. Necessity is our energy.

©Becky Deans 2013

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I've always been a writer one way or the other.
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