The sayings of Dora, my great nan, widow of a #Seaforthhighlander #wewillrememberthem wonder if any of these come from the trenches #WW1

Amber Valley-20131110-01766

This a quick post, as I need to get ready for the Remembrance Day parade in Codnor, where we remember the first soldier in the village to die in WW1. You can find out more about the soldiers that died in Codnor in WW1 on

When I was having a difficult time, my grandma came out with these sayings a few times and I recorded them, so I thought I would share. They might have come from the trenches.

Life’s tough if you don’t weaken.

You never know your luck before you’re shot at.

Don’t worry. It will be dark by 6.

The photo shows All Saints Church Sunday 10.11.13 in Ripley, Derbyshire taken as part of my @RipleyReckoning project. (c) Rebecca Deans


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