Resolutions, resolutions

So many years I have had the Writers’ and Artists’ Handbook poised at new year, thinking, say 2003, is going to be my year…. It wasn’t, though there’s a lot to look back on and edit.
This year I am going to put myself under zero pressure because pressure never got any short story finished. Pressure never researched magazines to send poetry to. Pressure doesn’t make you read your work out loud again after 16 years.
I always seemed to do better as part of a bunch of nice people so that’s what I’m trying to do. I’ve set up a writers’ group in Ripley, my local town, and It was failing but I have resurrected it from the dead for 2015 (with help from Derbyshire CC). I’ve also made friends with other writers and we’re going to write together.
I am not going to join some critiquing group run by a ‘published’ author and rip others’ work to shreds. I’m going to pull out the positives. And although I’d dearly love to do a PhD, my son is too young, and anyway I need to learn how to be a writer outside academia.
And maybe if I do stick to my New Year’s resolution: more yomping, something will happen. After all, I never meant to buy and learn the flute last year….
Happy new year!

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I've always been a writer one way or the other.
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10 Responses to Resolutions, resolutions

  1. Miss Alister says:

    You’re so right about pressure; certainly, it’s only made my writing worse! And yet you haven’t left your writing goals purely to chance, either, in reviving the Ripley writers group. Makes me wish I lived there so I could take part!
    Another brilliant thing you do is write short posts: it’s doable with all you’ve got going on, keeps your blog alive and your followers happy. I aim to learn from you in that respect over the new year! So here’s to it being a landmark one, prosperous in all ways.
    Cheers : )

    • beckydeans says:

      You would be most welcome at our group! I literally had a child on me, hence the length of the post. Here’s to 2015 being the year of excellent writing just happening on the page!

  2. I went for years not writing anything because I felt I had to do it professionally – and (among other things) that meant writing so many words a day. The pressure to do that and all the other things I had in my life stopped me from doing it. Until I realised I was missing out on doing something I really loved – so I decided to ignore the “professional” side and just write when I could and enjoy the process. Took me ages to get anywhere with it, but I had fun when I could and I still managed to achieve more than if I’d let the pressure hang over me. Enjoy 2015, Becky. (And… Ripley? Just off the A38 Ripley? If so, I drive down there 2 or 3 times a week. We ought to meet up at some point.)

    • beckydeans says:

      Pressure seems to be a recurring theme with writers. Glad you found your own way, Graeme. Yes. I live near Ripley off the A38! We should do coffee. Happy new year.

  3. I suspect the first couple of weeks in Jan will be hectic, but I’ll message you later in the month.

    • beckydeans says:

      I think the first two weeks will be hectic for me even though my long-term future is uncertain: I mainly write recruitment copy for the public sector. Yes. Later in January will be fabulous. And I will get round to booking the writers’ conference too!

  4. that sounds fun. Is it open to others?

  5. beckydeans says:

    Hi Martin. Yes. Ten til 12 this coming Saturday at Ripley Library. That would be great. She’s welcome to bring a short short story or a few pages of a novel…. Or just come along and join in. Becky (

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