This is my Refuge – a new poem #amwriting (sometimes)

I wrote this poem for a competition. I won’t say which one, but I was way off the mark. I was thinking about home, but perhaps I needed to write something more in the style of someone else, or talk about a sunrise on the dales. Not to worry.

At some point, I will look at the notes from my poetry editing class and look at where I am going wrong (again). When I get a minute. Or I may just turn everything into songs. Or learn the guitar.

This is my refuge


All is calm and white and open. Nothing

Is perched, ready to fall. Surfaces

Are clear and useful. Bookshelves


Empty. Words

Drip onto the page but never stick.


There are too many changes to track

too many tracks to change

and you never listen.


Dreams run on emptiness.


You held me down so long

I came out of the other side.

Now watch me fly.

(c) Rebecca Deans 2015

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I've always been a writer one way or the other.
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7 Responses to This is my Refuge – a new poem #amwriting (sometimes)

  1. You know, Becky, I think you should write about what you want to (or feel the need to), not what fits into the box – whether that’s the competition box or the genre box. Because if you try to write to order, the passion will wither and die. You can always build up a catalogue and then look out for competitions that fit your poetry, and not the other way round.

    • beckydeans says:

      I actually have quite a catalogue already! But good plan.
      I do find having a deadline or constraint is helpful, which is why the writers’ group is so nice. We do short exercises, a bit like Sacha Black’s sprint writing!

      • Have you been out of circulation or something? I’d almost forgotten making that comment.

        How are you, anyway? Must catch up again some time – can’t believe it was February we saw each other last.

      • beckydeans says:

        Long story. Isn’t it always? At this rate it will be the writers’ conference in March, though I need to do some organising to make that happen!

      • Well, I’ll happily listen to your long story when you get a chance. I take it from your comment that you aren’t booked on the Conference yet?

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