Everything in the Garden is Rosy

IMG_2152I write this in response to my friend Anna commenting on how full my garden looked last Thursday, and because of our conversation about how the world of Facebook is fake, or on the edge.


Everything in the Garden is Rosy


That full garden

The brassicas were reduced to skeletons the next day by cabbage white butterflies

The sunflower couldn’t be bothered, neither could the sun

The strawberries flowered but didn’t fruit

The beans never climbed

The poppies grew in the cracks of the patio, but not in the wildflower garden

We’re still the only place growing healthy ash trees, but not in the hedges

The rocket didn’t

The mint in’t

But the sage thrives, we have yellow courgettes poking out everywhere

And the pumpkin might shock by October.


© Rebecca Deans 2016


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I've always been a writer one way or the other.
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1 Response to Everything in the Garden is Rosy

  1. Ah! You’re back then… Not that I’ve been exactly prolific recently. Good to see a post from you again. Hope all is well

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