My top five tips on #personalsafety #staysafe

My Top Five Tips on Personal Safety

Following the report that a rapist has been caught in Derby, but bearing in mind that a member of Ripley Running Club has been assaulted on Cromford Canal, here are my top personal safety tips. I am in no way victim blaming here. The best way to stay safe is to make sure everyone grows up with respect for others.

1. Nights out: Plan a night out with friends. If your friends ever leave you, they are not your friends.

  • Hide some money in your purse for a taxi/the bus.
  • Use only black cabs or cabs from an office if you are travelling on your own.
  • Take a picture of the number plate/taxi number when using a black cab. If they have a problem with this, get out.
  • If you do end up walking home, walk the bus route.
  • Tonic water always looks like it has vodka in it.

2. Internet dating: No matter how nice he seems from social media/that meeting you went to/internet dating/the supermarket observe him closely. Ask him who he lives with. You might be surprised. If someone invites you to the cinema for a first date, be wary. If the first date is at their flat, don’t go.

3. Running: never run in headphones. You need to be aware at all times. If you don’t like this, you might be better off running in the gym.

4. If you find yourself in a dodgy situation (ie you or someone else is being sexually assaulted or at risk of being sexually assaulted) stay calm, move, talk to a friend and engineer a way out. Report it if you can.

5. Remember that some men (and women) are actually nice. I know. Hard to believe sometimes!

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2 Responses to My top five tips on #personalsafety #staysafe

  1. Polly White says:

    Good advice to wise up and be savvy. I wrote NW suspense What If I Go? to tip off vulnerable students about gangs and grooming. It is empowering see here and stay safe

    • beckydeans says:

      I’ll try to check it out. You have to be so careful. I’ve had my fair share of interesting situations, but luckily I’ve got out of them unharmed. You’d need to get hold of my first novella, expose, to read one of them!

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