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Are you being influenced? #amediting

I recently opened a box that had been moving between lofts, and found myself a present, a book of poetry written down from 1993 to 1995, a flowery hardback book with fountain-pen entries, signed just in case. Now, at the … Continue reading

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Lydia -for Lydia Lawrence #amwriting #strongwomen

Good golly miss Molly  Did you marry a man with a miner’s lamp and  No brolly?  Didn’t you know that the marriage bed came sprinkled with Soot? Did he blind you With a title, then tempt you with a butty?  … Continue reading

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The Taking #BringBackOurGirls #amediting #VAW

The Taking   We knew the soldiers were coming Hid in our beds, no one to protect us Goods on the shelf waiting to be stolen   Before, that day, we had lessons Cursed algebra, embraced Shakespeare Explored China, played … Continue reading

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The theme of this International Women’s Day: Remember but Don’t Give Up!

I am pretty sure the unofficial theme of International Women’s Day 2016 is don’t give up. After all, we have got so far. Pity we have so much further to go. As this is a writing blog, I’m sharing a poem … Continue reading

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He loved one thing…

He loved one thing The smell of onion and garlic Cooking, leaking out Of her skin, branding her clothes. That promise of a meal, ready to turn With repetitive force. The comfort of nothingness Of whole countries debased with The … Continue reading

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This is my Refuge – a new poem #amwriting (sometimes)

I wrote this poem for a competition. I won’t say which one, but I was way off the mark. I was thinking about home, but perhaps I needed to write something more in the style of someone else, or talk … Continue reading

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Love Song: not a sestina #amwriting #rhymingpoetry #new

I have been reading Elizabeth Bishop and playing with rhyming stanzas, but I think there is something missing here. I will have to look up a sestina again!   Love Song   I know you love me really You just … Continue reading

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When Did You Stop Learning Baby? #amwriting #rhymingpoetry #poetry 1994 to 1996

I have been looking through my entire back catalogue and discovered I like at least 24 poems and found more I can’t even remember writing. It is, however, the rhyming ones I wrote early on, before the poetry classes, that … Continue reading

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Fable: One from the archive… Can’t remember if this ever saw the light of day… #amwriting

Fable They’re dancing in Chaplain’s She’s only fifteen She’s naive and gorgeous He’s fit and he’s keen   It’s clear she’s a virgin He just doesn’t care He gropes at her bottom She fondles his hair    They’re dancing so … Continue reading

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Looking around for something to perform at a performance poetry workshop… ‘Not Waving but Driving’ after Stevie Smith

Not Waving but Driving Everyone saw boyracer’s car But his stereo still pounded ‘There’s nothing like the open road I’m not showing off, just driving’    ‘What a tosser, he was always around the market And now he’s dead His … Continue reading

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